Agreement Between First Party And Second Party

19. That this agreement apply for the duration of ———————- from the opening date of the showroom. The revised terms may be extended by mutual agreement. Any other provider providing libraries, symbols or other resources is a third party (in the sense of « third party, » i.e. another external party). 6. That the agreement enters into force from —————————— – THE FIRST PARTY has been shipped and delivers the goods on the basis of shipment to the premises of the showroom to the TWO FEST. The cargo is carried by the FIRST PARTY, i.e. the goods/goods are delivered to SECOND PARTY on the basis of F.O.R. in the showroom. CONSIDERING that after mutual discussion part of FIRST PARTY, the air-conditioned showroom of SECOND PARTY with a size of about ———— Sq.

ft. In ———————————————————————————————————- Outlet for the retail sale of these products—————————————————————- and, therefore, the parties entered into this agreement on the following terms; The customer/consumer of your app is the second part. First part is the user of the software, the second part is the producer or developer, the third is another producer/developer who already adds the work of the second part. You, the first party, you can enter into a contract with someone, the second, to do a piece of work. They may be an expert in one area of the project, but not in another, so they can decide to assign it to a third party. 7. The disposition of the goods delivered by FIRST PARTY corresponds to similar goods stored in the country with other FIRST PARTY franchisees and, based on the above data, THE TWO PARTY would be entitled to the Commission/Margin, which is the subject of a monthly vote. If applicable, the income tax payable must be deducted before the money is released from the margin. The parties will develop a report and mechanism for allocating the commission and costs, as explained in this agreement. Home Data « What is the difference between part one, part two and part three? (3) All interior decoration works, including woodwork, wall modules, floor modules, crates, are however delivered and installed at FIRST PARTY`s expense, which are then adjusted between the parts as effort and effort.

Where the performance of any of its obligations under this agreement is prevented or impeded by any action by God or a state or by other circumstances that are not subject to the parties` anticipation or control, the implementation of the agreement is suspended, in whole or in part, for the duration and to the extent that such prevention, interruption or obstruction is possible, provided that a written notification is made to the other party within a fortnight of such an event.