Singapore Australia Free Trade Agreement Full Text

(a) facilitate trade and investment between the parties through joint efforts to minimize the impact of manufacturers` requirements and/or mandatory evaluations of manufacturing processes on products traded between the parties in the most appropriate or cost-effective manner; 1. The aim of this chapter is to increase the benefits of trade and investment by protecting and enforcing intellectual property rights. In the event of contradictions between this agreement and another agreement to which both parties are parties, the parties consult without delay in order to find a mutually satisfactory solution, in accordance with the usual rules of international law. 3. The parties cooperate bilaterally and in international for a to improve acceptance of electronic versions of trade administration documents. (b) complement bilateral agreements and agreements between the parties on mandatory requirements; and b) this would reduce the efficiency of the trade management process. 1. Each party ensures that all broad-ended measures affecting trade in services are implemented in an appropriate, objective and impartial manner. 3. Each party retains, in accordance with its legislation, any power to interpret and implement its mandatory requirements. This includes the power to take appropriate action for products that do not meet the requirements of the contracting party. These measures include withdrawing goods from the market, prohibiting them from marketing or restricting their free movement, initiating a product recall or banning imports.

[14] In order to avoid any doubt, each contracting party may discharge the obligations under this section by any measure it deems necessary or appropriate under national law and national regulation. 1. Each contracting party authorizes, on a non-discriminatory basis, the free and immediate transfer of all means from one investor to the other party in connection with an investment in its territory. These include: 1. The Arbitration Tribunal under Article 4 (appointment of arbitration tribunals) is composed of three members. Each party appoints an arbitrator within 30 days of receiving the section 4 application and the two designated arbitrators agree to appoint the third arbitrator within 30 days of the date of the appointment of the second arbitrator.