Student Agreement Form

(a) possess a valid student visa and at all times meet the requirements of that visa (this is a prerequisite for your enrolment and a condition for your subsequent enrolment); and if you have any questions or concerns about this Agreement, please contact the following campus resources. The University of Auckland (the university) has entered into a contract with its students when they accept an offer of admission to a specific programme. This contract (which contains the statutes, rules, rules and guidelines of the university) governs the relationship between each student and the university while that student is enrolled in this program of study and is called a « student agreement ». 45K All disputes arising out of or related to this Agreement or related to the performance of this Agreement by either party shall be settled by the applicable procedures imposed by the University in the relevant statutes, rules, rules and guidelines. 1. By accepting this offer of accreditation, you confirm the accuracy, correctness and completeness of the statement you have made with your application for admission and you confirm that (to the best of your knowledge) all information you make available to the university (or on your behalf) regarding this application remains accurate and complete. You also confirm that there have been no facts or circumstances that would compromise the accuracy or accuracy of your statement or affect your right to enroll in the university. If you accept an offer of admission, you are entering into a relationship with the University of Auckland, the details of which constitute a student agreement. The content of the agreement is below. 8. You agree to update the university as soon as possible if the information you have provided to the university changes (including, but not limited to, your contact and contact details for your relatives or emergency contacts). 13.

The University may collect, use, retain and disclose personal data about you in accordance with its Privacy Policies and the Privacy Act 1993. Requests for access to communication services for students who are not yet fluent in ASL are addressed to academic advisors (departmental advisors or academic councils). You can find the full text of the policies and procedures in the Academic Affairs Access Policy Communication. Click here to download the printable agreement that students must sign and file. All students follow the policies and standards of the Oxford School District, and students and parents agree: Requests for communication access services for students using tactile or closed interpreting services are directed to gallaudet Interpreting Service (SIG) in For students enrolled in the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSWD), we also refer to the OSWD website. Gallaudet University`s mission is to provide the highest quality of educational services….